Come on in and take a peek of a few wonderful handmade quilts that are created from start to finish by me.  Each quilt is unique because it is designed for the person receiving it. I do not sell the quilts because no more time to squeeze into my full life right now.  Enjoy!

QUILT - Baby O

He sailed in full of joy; healthy & without complications.
Inspiration for this quilt design is a Nautical Theme requested from his momma, which is no surprise since both sides of Baby O's family love the beach.

"O" Baby Where Art Thou?

Awaiting Grandson #2, let's hope he is not waiting for his quilt to be done before making the grand entrance.  Surely, his momma revealed that it took 18 years for her quilt to be done.  (smiles)

The theme for Baby O's quilt is nautical.

WEDDING QUILT - Jessica & Anthony

Weddings are such a wonderful celebration.
Thank you to everyone who created amazing designs for the quilt.

(Design Inspiration created from Splashes of Color
by Margaret Okuley which appeared in Quiltmaker Magazine May/June Issue).  

QUILT - Baby G

This is a fun and simple quilt which the squares of fabric are designed by various family members from both sides of the baby's parents.  The quilter receives all the squares; sews them into a pattern that is personalized than quilts a beautiful memory for baby to treasure.
(Inspiration for making this quilt is the cute baby seen here.  Also, it has been a family tradition that wedding quilts are given to Bride & Groom than displayed at  their wedding reception. 
 Thank you to Vickie for being an amazing woman, whom we will never forget ) 

QUILT - SuperHero

Every Young Boy Wants To Be A SUPERHERO...
...or at least have a quilt with their favorite ones. 
After my son saw 'everyone' receiving their quilts, he insisted it was time I worked on his.  We selected the various Batman & Spiderman themed fabric years ago.  Since I was on his timeline and he wasn't getting any younger, I decided to use bold colors that were not juvenille looking upon first glance.  The photo is the center part of main quilt which is before more border was added.
(The pattern was inspired by the wonderful magazine "Quiltmaker")